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            Bengbu BEST Chemical Technology Co. Ltd



            • 30 2021-03
            • 30 2021-03



            • 30 2021-03
            • 30 2021-03

              Provide technical service......

              On the afternoon of March 28, 2021, our company’s technicians conducted safety inspections on the ammonia storage tank area, titanium tetrachloride storage tank area and natural gas organic heat carrier boiler of Anhui Zhongchuang Electronic Information Materials Co., Ltd., and carried out hazardous chemicals Calculation of the external safety protection distance of production equipment and storage facilities.

            • 30 2021-03
            • 04 2021-02

              The acetic acid market in......

              On February 4, the price of acetic acid in South China temporarily stabilized, and companies overreported about 4800-4900 yuan/ton to pick up. Some domestic acetic acid production companies stopped down and the market spot supply declined to a certain extent. The industry’s overall inventory was low, and the downstream market was declining. Before stocking started, the overall trading situation in the industry is good, and it is expected to be stable and firm in a short period of time.

            • 04 2021-02

              After the Spring Festival......

              Although China is about to usher in the Lunar New Year (February 11-17), companies and factories will resume operations sooner than expected after the Spring Festival. Considering the increasing number of coronavirus cases in the north, some cities and regions will In January, the lockdown was implemented, and millions of migrant workers were promoted to celebrate the New Year on the spot.

            • 29 2021-01

              化工新材料產業 短板與機遇并存